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White Horehound, Tepozán Seed, Papaya Leaf Tejocote.


Bottle with 30 tablets of 10 mg c / u.



White Horehound, Tepozán Seed, Papaya Leaf Tejocote.


Bottle with 30 tablets of 10 mg c / u.

How to use:

Take one tablet in te morning.


Neopilcaps should not be taken by children under 18 years old or as long as the doctor detects a problem with obesity.

Pregnant women,or women that are breastfeeding should avoid taking them.

Additional Information:

Our tablets are made from 100% natural herbs mixture.


Excellent aid in the control of moderate obesity and extreme obesity, aids digestion by helping the body to better digest carbohydrates, proteins, and mainly, fats, allowing an adequate bowel cleansing and defatting result in the digestive process.

when our organism works properly this allows all systems to work properly,and this is the reason that Neopilcaps does not conflict with any medical condition or interfere with any medications.

Hola mi nombre es Tirsa y tengo 32 años despues de un cirujia mi cuerpo se descontrolo y empece a subir de peso al punto de pesar 290 libras conoci por una prima a Neopil y cambio mi vida en pocos meses habia perdido 80 libras sin dietas ni ejercicio estoy super contenta y me siento mas saludable que nunca!!
Hello my name is Tirsa and I am 32 years old after a surgery my body was out of control and I started to gain weight to the point of weighing 290 pounds I met a cousin to Neopil and changed my life in a few months I had lost 80 pounds without diets or exercise I am super happy and I feel healthier than ever !!

Amazing product. Lost weight really fast and makes me feel great!!!

Excellent product
I recomend 100%

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100% Natural


The Food And Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the statements herein. NeopilcapsUSA, its subsidiaries and affiliates (The “company”) are not a medical organization and do not intend to provide diagnosis, treatment, cure, prevent any disease or illness, or provide any medical advice whatsoever with the product or products described herein. The information provided herein should not be interpreted as a substitute for medical advise, diagnosis or treatment. You are urged to seek advice of a physician before using any of the products described herein and to get periodic medical checkups. If you are being treated for a illness, taking prescription medication, or following a theraupeutic treatment for a disease, it is specially important to show your physician all and any of the Company’s products should be followed. Health improvement results may vary by individual.

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