About our company

Our Mission:

To provide well-being and improve quality of life through products of excellence, with broad capacity for differentiation and high added value at a reasonable cost, through a devoted, talented work team that is continually seeking excellence in all we do and the full satisfaction of our clients and society in general.

To generate sustainable values for its shareholders:

To become the leading provider of nutritional supplements.

Establishing excellent, valuable relations to better serve our distributors.

Stimulating and rewarding our employees so they can achieve their highest level of performance.

Ethical principles of the NeopilcapsUSA

1. - Develop high quality products to improve people's quality of life.

2. - Distribute products that are accessible to the public.

3. - Offer flavorful products to our consumers.

4. - Develop functional products that make people feel good.

5. - “If we can’t do something good for you, we promise to not harm your health.”








Environmental safety and responsibility